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don't be the best, be the first

When discussing search engine submission and search engine ranking there is one universal rule that must be observed: don't be the best, be the first. Unless you are in the top 20 results, there is no chance to get fresh hits no matter how good your service(product) is, or how beautiful your site is. Proper website optimization and submission to various search engines and directories is a key factor to your website ranking.

Infact, that golden rule applies not only to search engine ranking but to your whole marketing strategy. Here you are some valuable information that will help you build your brand and your marketing strategy.

Often, many businesses build their entire marketing strategy around a particular brand and its "better" qualities. Claiming superiority smacks of being untrue and is indeed a very risky endeavor. In other words, if you claim that you're the best, your statement will seldom be credible.

A mentor once said to me that "Implication is more powerful than specification." It is much more effective to imply superiority - and to be perceived as being a superior company - than to simply being (or outright stating that one is) superior.

So, how do you get others to perceive you as being the best? How does one imply superiority without stating it outright? The following are a few pointers to guide you in that direction.

Be the first
If you're the first in some category, you can usually invent your own position, which makes it tremendously difficult for competitors to copy you. If you're the first and if your competitors do copy you, it will only help to remind people of you. In fact, being the first in the marketplace is not as important as being the first "in the mind" of the marketplace - the mind hates change!

No two bodies can occupy the same space. If you get to a position first, you will have to be removed before someone else can take over. But if you're the first, it will be impossible for others to remove you. Hence, by being the first your position is virtually guaranteed!

It doesn't matter who is technically the first in the marketplace or first to offer a product or service. The first to get a company, product, or service in the consumer's mind will own the position and thus be perceived as being the best.

When you're the leader in your field or category, people will automatically assume that you're the best. Uniqueness is therefore the key and immensely more effective since it separates you from the rest rather than compares you to them.

Create your own category
For instance, Jack Trout, in his truly wonderful book "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing", proves this point with a simple question. He asks, "Who was the third person to fly over the Atlantic in a solo flight?" If you're not a history buff like me, you will more than likely be stumped. Most people remember that Lindbergh was the first because, being the first, he comes to mind immediately.

However, if you were asked "Who was the first 'woman' to fly over the Atlantic in a solo flight?" which is the very same question but rephrased in a different way, you will probably know the answer. It's "Amelia Earhart."

Many people try to "compete by comparison" and may even get some recognition as a result. But where they often fail is in creating lasting top-of-mind awareness by drowning their image in a currently known category - or ladder, if you will.

Everybody knows who is the first in some category or another, but rarely do people remember who's second let alone third. If you market your company as a better firm with a better product or service at a better price, you are merely reminding others of that which you are better than, which is your competition.

So, if there's no category you can be first in, create one. Having your very own category is powerful because it is impossible for your competition to beat you. Being the first, your place is therefore guaranteed and you will thus be perceived as the leader - which in fact, by being the first, you are! For example, you might be a travel consultant selling business trips to financial institutions. If you're not the first, you might then market yourself as "the first to serve the financially inclined" or "the first travel agent for the 'busy' financier."


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