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More than 75% of Internet users research product information with the aid of the web's top engines and 90% of all internet traffic is generated from the engines listed below. At Adult Traffic Booster we focus our efforts on the resources proven to generate traffic and produce profit for our clients from carefully orchestrated search engine submissions.

These Search Engines & Directories is where 90% of all internet traffic originates

Below is the listing time of some of these search engines.

Expect to be listed within 4 -6 weeks. The Google search engine crawler is very active, and this is the ultimate search engine. If you want immediate results, don't forget about their AdWords program. You can get started for a minimal fee.

Usually lists within 4-6 weeks. Also offers a paid Express service through infoSpider and Trusted Feed. There is Daily Updates service available!

Requires 10-12 weeks to get listed or possibly longer. One of the slowest search engines on the Internet.

While WebCrawler is still a good engine, it suspended maintenance of its own index. Search is based on Google, Yahoo! and Bing search results.

Takes anywhere from 6 to 9 weeks. Check back frequently. They have a reputation for being slow to update.

For free submission to this directory, 2 days to 1 month to never. One of the most popular search tool on the web is also the most difficult to get listed in. For faster service, go with their Express Submit service which guarantees a review of your site within 48 hours.

Open Directory/DMOZ
Generally comes through in about 4 weeks if your chosen category has a "responsible volunteer" Editor. If not, you could be looking at 3-6 months to never!
You'll have to convince an Guide that your site is worth listing, and this can be no small task. But should they decide to list you, you can expect an immediate update. is one of the best directories on the net.

Hot Bot
Usually lists within 6-8 weeks, but you may have to resubmit. Recently switched to Yahoo! search, and MSN search.


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