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What are the right keywords

We all know how important it is to use the right keywords for our web sites. The proper use of keywords will impact our keyword meta tags, description meta tags, title tag, ALT text, and of course, the HTML body copy. Ultimately, it will have a great effect on the rank of our pages in the major search engines. However, now we run into a major obstacle: What are the "right keywords"?

At first, you may think the answer is trivial. After all, you understand your on-line enterprise better than anyone. You know what keywords you would use during the course of a search to find your business and others like it. The problem is that, unless you believe yourself to be a gifted psychic, you cannot really anticipate exactly what word or phrase an Internet surfer will type into the query field of a search engine in order to find your home page. If you did have access to this information, the results might (or might not) surprise you. Having realized this, you might resign yourself to the fact that you are actually playing a "guessing game".

However, you can still exercise somewhat more control over this situation than many realize. Below is a list of available services (free and paid) that will help you determine the proper selection of keywords:

Keywordfinder / FREE! (
Keywordfinder helps you discover very successful keywords for any topic you enter. This allows you to write page copy that makes it much easier for people on the web to find your content. Keywordfinder uses your term to search the web, extract the relevant keywords from the 50 most successful pages returned and sorts them by frequency. The fact that other sites were successful in getting placed that high in search results should give you a good idea of what to do to get your product up there.

Google Adwords Research Tool/ FREE (
Although this tool is primarily meant for Adwords bidders, this is also widely used by webmasters and publishers to measure the popularity of different keywords based on their Google search volume.

GoodKeywords/ PAID (
Good Keywords is a Windows software for Internet keyword research and management. It is a powerful software that will help you gain extremely useful keyword insights! Use it to find every important piece of information you will want to know while doing keyword research! Find unique and new keyword ideas based on the current trends, popularity and buzz. Although the software is not free, there is a trial version to test it.

WordTracker/ PAID (
Effective keyword research is at the core of internet marketing - and can mean the difference between your success and failure. Wordtracker's enhanced tools make your keyword research faster, easier and more effective. Whether you're a web manager who wants to exceed client expectations - or a small business owner who wants to drive performance - Wordtracker helps you stay profitable by keeping you connected with what your customers want and need. There is a free trial version to test WordTracker performance.

While it would probably be untoward of me to claim that I have made keyword selection an "exact science", I do believe this resources will take some of the guesswork out of selecting keywords for your meta tags.


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